Beauté Pacifique Paradoxe Anti-Age Eye Creme, 5ml

Beauté Pacifique

Beauté Pacifique Paradoxe Anti-Age Eye Creme, 5ml

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Beauté Pacifique Paradoxe Anti-Age Eye Creme, 5ml

Get more youthful skin with the highly effective rejuvenating cream for the skin around the eyes - Beauté Pacifique Paradoxe Anti-Age Eye Creme. The active ingredients of the cream strengthen the sensitive skin around the eyes to resist skin aging processes, keep the skin strong and young as long as possible.

The Beauté Pacifique brand uses a patented technology in the creation of the cream, using Chilean grape seed extract and obtaining highly effective antioxidants - Procyanidin and Resveratrol, which effectively reduce the signs of aging and damage to the skin structure caused by the sun. The cream also contains the widely scientifically studied Spilanthes Acmella flower extract, which immediately after applying the cream has a firming effect on the skin by strengthening collagen-elastin fibers.

Thanks to the Squalane transport technology, which is equivalent to the skin's natural substance transport mechanisms, the active ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, providing a youthful appearance.

Regular use of the cream significantly increases the skin's ability to retain moisture. The included Hyaluronate, prepared in a formula identical to the compounds naturally produced by the skin, took care of the skin's ability to retain moisture, so the moisturizing effect becomes more effective.

The cream is particularly effective in fighting free radicals and their harmful effects in the skin, which are often the result of "photoaging" caused by sunlight.

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